A Factory Transparency Act

Responsible Manufacturing

ApparelTASKER is the London-based factory where we produce your Wild One swim robes. Their approach is to produce garments taking into account the sustainability of the products, from design to materials and end of the life cycle. Besides their consideration of how the manufacturing process may impact the environment, the factory also holds high safety standards for their employees and ensures fair trade wages.

Behind The Scenes - London

Innovative & Sustainable Production

ApparelTASKER has designed a system that seamlessly connects fashion and technology. The factory is more energy-efficient, safer and of a higher quality. Some of their sustainable and responsible manufacturing highlights entail:

* Every step of the production process is carefully monitored and approved in real-time using a tracking system to ensure no rejects during the production process.

* Their business approach is built to not put pressure on any aspect of the factory, therefore ApparelTASKER reserves the right to process orders in any way we see socially and ecologically responsible.

* ApparelTASKER carries out basic checks on the fabric and suppliers providing raw materials and trim to us via a client or 3rd party supplier.

* The factory uses state of the art equipment to ensure the safety of its employees, as well as impeccable garment quality.

* ApparelTASKER proudly exceeds the industry requirements with higher wages and world-class working conditions.

Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth or its people

From fabrics, suppliers to resources, everything is taken into account while designing and creating your Wild One swim robe. ApparelTASKER is focused on becoming an example of how a factory can be energy efficient, aiming for zero waste and genuinely caring about the environment and its workers. Some of ApparelTASKER eco-friendly highlights are:

* Using a zero-waste approach to garment production and seek to eliminate waste in all their processes, including the pattern and design stages.

* 100% of unusable textile off-cuts are recycled into new materials such as insulation, sports equipment filler and carpet underlay.

* Packaging products in biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging (clear bags, recycled boxes).

* By exclusively using the DHL Go-Green service we are doing our part in reducing Wild One’s carbon footprint.

* Offering repair and mend service on your swim robes.

* Extending the life of a garment through careful design decisions.

* Collaborating only with suppliers that operate ethically.

* Working with local suppliers as much as possible.

* Energy-saving servo motors on all equipment (80-90% saving to traditional clutch motor).

* Employ a vigilant and robust recycling process ensuring zero-waste manufacturing.

* Energy-saving LED Low energy lighting in all factory divisions (70-80% energy saving to traditional lighting).

Wild One embraces the factory’s high environmental and ethical standards to bring you a swim robe that will last a lifetime.