∞ The ocean gives us so much ∞

Its mystery, treasures and secrets for creatures that have lived there for thousands of years.

When you go into the water, the freezing unknown is a reminder that we are capable to embrace the power, the beauty of its solitude, the vastness and majesty; the pure clean energy that is ever regenerative. Its abundance. The adrenaline and the experience and the body in motion with nature. The exhilaration becomes an urgent need to get out of your comfort zone to become a free spirit.

Is your body resilient enough? The ocean is unforgiving and as you push the boundaries, your vitality grips into the cold, you trust the mind which leads your movements till you become a graceful soul.

Everything in the ocean that’s a wonder is a “she”. For a reason. You are the human connection to the open water, the essence which you may call home. As tears become salt, limbs bold, heart explores, the harmony reigns and you understand we are all one.

In the ocean everything has a purpose and yet there’s still so much to be discovered. While it remains unknown, you connect to the ancestors and the elders who swam in those rivers and seas.

On a journey to self-discovery to find the fabric that makes life. To come back as a better person. You are the infinite consciousness and the guardian of the seven seas; grateful for the ever-changing divine weather and the freedom that comes with it. You are now complete.

You are the tsunami of change. You gotta be a Wild One.

Sustainable Sisterhood

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And Let the Sea Set you Free