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Wild Wonders & Waters

Being underwater or in touch with it means looking inward and finding peace in the moment. You become a playful creature, and once you realise how much wildlife can teach you, your relationship with humans also changes.

“By practising sports in the outside world, you develop a strong sense of yourself, an incredible confidence, but the most important thing: a gentleness. This is exactly what thousands of hours in nature can teach us.” Craig Foster, My Octopus Teacher documentary

Eventually, you will go to the same spot every day, and this is when you will notice the subtle differences and get to know the wild, the wonders of nature, its details and intricacies. The lessons learnt from the mystic jungles, forests and mountains are humbling and fill you with an unimaginable sense of pride. The energy you get a knowledge that’s built up over millions of years swell your capacity to give back and soak you with an endless love for Mother Earth.

Swimmer or water adventurer, you can have an impact on anything. If you think like that, whatever you start to do in life is magic. Now that you are part of the ocean and the rivers, you belong to the crowd.

Physical & Mental Health Consciousness

Swimming outdoors can work wonders for your health and happiness. It’s time to dive in. The addiction behind practising sports out in the wild sits exactly on top of your fitness and wellbeing.

Vitality, an increase of endorphins, lower stress levels and overall enhanced happiness are just some of the reasons why wild swimmers get into the water. Every. Single. Day.

Wild swimmers continue to experience a mood boost as happy hormones take over. However the world seemed before a swim, it looks fantastic afterwards. Exposure to cold waters also drastically reduces inflammation and body pain.

In these turbulent times and a wild world flooding with difficulties and depression… we gotta look for ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Mental health awareness is on the top of the list for most of us. When you train your body to handle shock, pain and discomfort through repeated immersion in cold water, you learn to deal with smaller day-to-day worries and fears more easily. Once outdoors in contact with nature, modern life just drifts away from you.

Your skin touching the electrifying water and choosing to stay can almost be compared to meditation. You commit to the present moment, make a decision to be in control and carry on. To experience the beauty and finally seeing the world from a different perspective, by just looking back to the land. You have no other option but to feel your body and observe how it responds. Breathe through freezing hands and enjoy the calm that comes with it. If you survived this grip into the cold, you now understand your superpower.

Stay Warm, Rebel Wild Child

COLD.This is the biggest challenge for any wild one who is ready to get their daily dose of vitamin sea. Your body is always going to experience the shock, regardless of how long you’ve been getting into the freezing springs under extreme and ever-changing weather conditions. Yet, we know you are going to dive into the waters anyway.

Unless you were born with a mermaid tail, all of us experience the afterdrop. This phenomenon tends to appear between 10 to 40 minutes after your practice and it can last for about two hours (if not more). Afterdrop happens because of the decrease of your body temperature as the blood draws from your extremities to your core in order to protect your vital organs. Certainly, your body is an intelligent organism, but afterdrop can also make you feel unwell and stop the enthusiasm for adventuring out in the blue again.

There is no need to go through this process. At all. Wild One swim robes minimise the risk of afterdrop by rewarming from hypothermia at an initial stage right after you get out of the water.

Wild One swim robes are your replacement for any wear you can possibly imagine for your after water session. Lightweight to wear, pleasant on the skin, the materials are wind plus water-resistant, warm and fluffy on the inside, which ensures you get dry fast. Each swim robe comes packed with details that make the whole difference: a long-life guarantee zip (this means it works and it won’t break!), a front flap with velcro, a hoodie with pulls, hand and bottom straps (so that you can tighten up the swim robe to your perfect shape). Wild One spoils you with plenty of pockets, like a pouch in the back to put a hot water bottle, a secret dry pocket for your phone and a big inner pocket to hide your undies & snacks. Another awesome feature that you won’t find anywhere else is that your Wild One swim robe comes with a detachable inner liner so that you can wear it for any season of the year, plus allows you to wash easily. Because staying warm shouldn’t go against stylish, we have a selection of four colours like Manta Ray, Dolphin xxxx

As an outdoors lover we know sustainability is important to you, therefore Wild One swim robes are proudly UK-designed & produced, using OEKO-TEX certified fabrics and dyes. You’ll be pleased to hear that your swim robe won’t pollute the environment, but as one Wild One is made out of 80 recycled plastic bottles (check your impact here). Furthermore, with our London-based manufacturer, we ensure high sustainable standards and a lifetime guarantee of durability for your swim robe. Wild One promote circularity through a repair program xxxx as well as a take-back scheme for which your old swim robe will be repurposed into something else.

Be Water, Wild One

Without water everything is nothing. Water moves in a closed cycle on this earth. This means that the amount of water always remains the same, but its physical state can change.

Water covers much of the world’s surface, about three-quarters part of it. It’s omnipresent in many kinds, in the sea, in the rain, in the sweat and so on, which perhaps explains why it has held such a fascination for mankind. If you are one of these water-spirited beings in love and blended in nature, here are some of the top wild-ish sports we champion!

“Water is a friendly element for those who are familiar with it and know how to treat it.” J. W. von Goethe

Wild swimming ∞ Stand Up Paddle Boarding ∞ Surfing ∞ Bodyboarding ∞ Sailing ∞ Athletics ∞ Power Boarding ∞ Triathlon ∞ Snorkelling ∞ Free Diving ∞ Camping ∞ Outdoors

Water Souls We Admire

Johanna Nordblad

Finnish freediver Johanna Nordblad holds a world record for a 50-meter dive under ice. She discovered her love for the sport through cold-water treatment while recovering from a downhill biking accident that almost took her leg. As she says: "There is no place for fear, panic, or mistakes"

Ambassador for the oceans
Lewis Pugh

As an ocean advocate and a pioneer wild swimmer, Lewis is an ambassador for the oceans and spreads the word to inspires people to dig deep, define their goals and achieve their own ‘impossible’. We love him besides the fact that he’s originally from Plymouth, also because to date, the Lewis Pugh Foundation has been instrumental in securing full protection for over 2 million km² of the vulnerable ocean. “Preservation of our oceans is key for a peaceful and sustainable future.”

Jessica Learmonth

In her words, Jessica “would have never classed herself as a sporty person” and got into triathlon just to get fit. At the time she was working at a supermarket and was definitely not considering getting back into hard swimming trainings she had been put through at her younger age. A few years later, Great Britain’s Jessica Learmonth burst onto the Elite scene in 2016 with her first European Cup win. Doing what you love - be it backpacking, fundraising or swapping swimming for a social life - has served Learmonth well so far.

Sarah Thomas

A woman who was treated for breast cancer a year ago has become the first person to swim across the English Channel four times non-stop. Sarah Thomas used swimming as her means of coping with the treatment. People have described her achievement as "one of the greatest feats of mental and physical endurance in human history", and a swimmer who had "tested the limits of endurance".

Chloe McCardel

Chloe McCardel is a marathon swimmer on brink of the world record-breaking English channel crossing. Besides her sports achievements, she’s a coach and speaker raising awareness on abuse. After pushing the boundaries of marathon swimming, she’s about pushing the human spirit. Her thoughts during COVID have gone out especially to those who are currently trapped in their homes experiencing domestic violence. “An issue extremely close to my heart.”

Brenda Fisher

In 1951, Brenda Fisher, a young secretary and trawlerman’s daughter, swam the English Channel in just over 12 hours – becoming the fastest woman in history to do so. She went on to smash records the world over and became a sporting heroine, inspiring many more to follow in her footsteps. A channel swim is and always will be a battle of one small, lone swimmer against the savage vastness of the open sea. Brenda’s name was on every tongue and she was the toast not only of Grimsby, but of the whole nation. Brenda was very much a pioneer; you can read her book "Blonde in Deep Water" by Lucy Wood to learn more about her inspiring story.

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Time to get outdoors & have A Wild Day!

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